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The sight of a traditional Maharashtrian wedding makes one think about simplicity, beauty, and freedom. The assortment of practices like SakharPuda and ceremonies like Halad Chadave create the marriage experience during which the bride is adorned in a stark white saree, matching bangles, and traditional jewelry all say something about the culture and heritage of India’s Maharashtra region in which this quaint faith resides.

Best Marathi wedding invitation video

There are a few things to consider when choosing the design for your Marathi wedding card. Will your card make you smile? If it brings a loving feeling to your heart, then that’s what matters most. Make sure the design suits your personality best.

The more traditional-looking weddings might want to include intricate pictures of vibrant yellow flowers and exquisite turquoise palaces in their cards. There might also be an image of Lord Ganesh included near the top left-hand corner surrounded by red and yellow lotuses. Certain elements may also include beautiful gold lettering.