Kerala wedding invitation video

Kerala, with its beautiful landscape, tropical climate, and picturesque backwaters actually have a lot of surprises in store for tourists that come to take a glimpse of its many wonders. When it comes to Malayali weddings, however, they do seem to be a little more different from the rest of India when it comes down to details such as traditional attire, wedding ceremonies, and where they’re taking place.

Wedding traditions in South India are extraordinarily varied and colorful, where many different ceremonies take place such as Kanthu Safaram, Punarpoosamayi Thalattu, Pudhiya Kettu Vizha, Sowkarpettai Unmai Vizha. There are also weddings which last for a week or even more! Such weddings can also be said to make up part of the Hindu wedding process known as Sathram. It includes fun pre-wedding traditions like Aandavanai Utsavam and Maangalyam or Arrathalvaaga, on the other hand; whereas Nischayargal forms an integral part of post-wedding rituals. For every traditional South Indian bride that is engaged in festivities of family togetherness and love with her relatives prior to marriage, there’s some special attire she picks out to wear that makes her look just like a goddess!

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