Annaprasana Invitation Video – Baby’s First Rice – Rice Eating Ceremony Video

Annaprasan is a part of Hindu Culture and is the ceremony that occurs at the time of first solid food (rice) being introduced to your newly-born baby.  An Annaprashan ceremony is a special event that occurs at the start of the first year after a baby has been born. It is conducted in consultation with a priest who determines the right time to have it. During this ceremony, babies are adorned in new clothes and often traditional ones such as a dhoti kurta or lehenga choli. It is an occasion for celebration, and family and friends are invited to attend.

Why get a digital Annaprasana Invitation Video?

As it is an important ceremony, it is conducted on an auspicious day, and celebrated among friends and family. As this celebration is a milestone, you would also require to invite your guests for this celebration. Without a good and attractive Annaprashan ceremony invitation video the guests might not feel connected which can make or break the occasion. So whether you’re planning a huge Annaprashan ceremony for your baby or keeping it simplistic, short and simple – ensure that you invite your guests in a professional manner yet with a personal touch that strikes a chord in their hearts. Using the Annaprashan Ceremony Invitation videos by wedding invitation video to reach out to the people you want to invite via email can actually make your invitations stand out!

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