Mundan invitation video

A Mundan is an important ceremony and tradition in Hinduism, wherein a child’s first haircut, also known as Choodakaranam (from Sanskrit “chooda” = hair, and Karana = doer) or Chaulikaram, is performed This ritual is considered to be the baby’s first haircut because it’s at this point that the child loses their birth hair. At a mundan, the child is usually around 3-4 months old at most and it’s performed with the family members present. 

Mundan ceremony invitation video

A mundan ceremony is usually a grand affair that’s organized by family and friends to welcome an infant or toddler into the world. Normally all guests get invited to these ceremonies via phone calls, text messages, or even in person. This involves a lot of planning and the hassle of copying addresses onto envelopes, writing out cards by hand, etc. Wedding Invitation Video makes it super easy for you to create video invitations that are not only fun but also look great!

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