Half saree ceremony invitation video

The Half Saree ceremony is a celebration of the transition from a young girl to becoming a woman. In India, women from both South and North celebrate this occasion usually when they first notice their menstrual cycle or around age 12 or 13. It involves feasting, ceremonies and special gifts for the young lady. It is also known as part of the Growing Up Ceremony in which the young woman wears her very first saree in public and ever after follows that tradition wearing a saree at all other festivities including weddings.

Half saree invitation

The half saree function is typically done by the girl’s maternal uncle and relatives from her mother’s side. Half Saree Invitation involves all the ladies in the community, where the women of the girl’s family send special half-saree function invitation cards to their female friends and relatives. We have a wide variety of Half Saree Ceremony Invitation Videos that you can choose and make your daughter’s Half Saree Ceremony beautiful.