Make Arangetram Invitation Videos or Bharatanatyam Arangetram Invitation

An Arangetram is a beautiful, grand event where a student of any classical Indian dance performs on stage for the first time. This is the very first-time on-stage performance and it comes after years of hard training.

Before this special occasion, students are trained by a guru or teacher. It is the event at which family and peers acknowledge hard work and dedication that goes into learning traditional Indian dance and culture. 

Arangetram Animated Customize your Invitation Video

Make it even more memorable and special by inviting your friends, family members, and relatives with our Video Invitations!

Choose an arangetram invite design for your big day and our team will start customizing it with details about the event (such as your photos, text, names, etc.), so you can give a unique touch to each individual inviter.

Share it with guests via WhatsApp, email, or SMS – whatever the occasion calls for. Seamlessly streamline these processes by easily adding your own information about when exactly the big day is going to be taking place.